ARB does not offer a one size fits all attic system. Every home and business is different and ARB develops a customized attic solution for every customer’s budget. The time is now. Give us a call at 469-777-8595

Our goal is to develop the most cost effective solution for your attic while working within your budget to meet your needs, whether it’s your home or business. From Foil Radiant Barrier, HVAC Duct Air Sealing and Replacement, Ventilation Systems and Insulation; we will help find the best solution to meet your needs.

Radiant Barrier Dallas
The ARB Attic System is installed on the underside of the roof decking. We Staple the Radiant Barrier Foil to the Roof Decking Rafters. By stapling the foil to the roof decking rafters, it creates pockets of air between the roof decking and the foil. This allows the hotter air to be directed to the peak (or highest point) in your attic, and right out the attics ventilation preventing the heat from entering the attic.  This install method also stops the radiant heat transfer at the roof, which creates a much cooler attic. This means your air conditioning unit and air ducts aren’t sitting in a 170 degree attic while trying to cool your home.
Lowering the Attic Temperature will ease the heat load on your air conditioning unit and air ducts, all the while dramatically improving you homes cooling efficiently.Some Contractors will lay the RB Foil on your attic’s insulation – but this method allows all of the Summers Heat to fill your attic. That method is not used in our region to obtain the best results for your attic.  Laying the RB Foil on top of your attics insulation is suggested for Colder more Northern Climates, where your trying to keep your home heated more months out of the year.

Important Facts to know when Selecting a Radiant Barrier Contractor:


Ask if they install Radiant Barrier Foil or Radiant Barrier Spray Paint? If the contractor only offers the Spray-On Radiant Barrier Products – thank them for their time and send them on their way.


Ask where is the Radiant Barrier Foil Installed? On the Roof Decking Rafters or Laid Down On-Top of your attics insulation?

ARB Only Installs Heavy Duty Radiant Barrier Foil Products. The ARB Company Motto, “We Are Proud to Say, We Don’t Spray!” Spray on Radiant Barrier Paints don’t work and ARB WILL NOT USE THEM!

Little known facts about Spray on Radiant Barrier Products:

The Best Spray-On RB (Radiant Barrier) can only block around 70% of the Radiant Heat, but for the most part, contractors that only use Spray-On RB Products use a lower quality RB Paint to save money and those products only block around 55% of the Radiant Heat. ARB Only uses Heavy Duty Radiant Barrier Foil Products – that block up to 97% of the Radiant Heat, resulting in a cooler attic for you.

Spray-On RB Paints have to be Re-Applied every 5 years, who would want to pay for a product that has such a short life.

Deal Directly with Our Owner

The company owner personally inspects every ARB Attic System installed. With over 20 years of service in the Quality Assurance Industry, Mr. Jones has come up with a simple philosophy that he demands be followed by all of his employees, “Do it right the first time!”  This simple philosophy ensures our customers receive the full benefits from a properly installed ARB Attic System EVERY TIME!!!

ARB services the Dallas Metroplex and surrounding counties. We offer the highest quality products, materials and workmanship while providing unmatched customer service at every level.

Price Guarantee

Although we offer a price guarantee, that does not guarantee we will always be the lowest priced insulation contractor in Texas. In order for ARB to be the lowest contractor, we would have to cut corners and use inferior materials, labor and poor installation practices to offer you the lowest price. We’re not in the Home Energy Efficiency business to cut corners and sacrifice quality for profit. We only install the best insulation materials available on the market.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, that’s most important to ARB.
We educate the consumer on the many products we offer along with explaining to you the many poor quality products on the market that companies sell their customers to increase their high profits.
We continually strive to deliver the best customer service in the industry at an Affordable price.
Radiant Barrier Installation